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  Name Year/Model Phone Email Address Other
1Jeff & Johna Whitman1970 Beetle Convertible
1979 Super Beetle Convertible
477-2380jjwhitman@eastlink.caHerring Cove 
2Joey & Carrie Armsworthy1956 Beetle
1965 Beetle
1970 Westy
1974 Bus
1979 Panel Van
1985 Transporter
479-1514vdubjoe@hotmail.comHalifaxJoey's VWs
3Tony Boyd1968 Beetle Convertible
1971 Beetle Sedan
477-2424 Herring Cove 
4Dave Williams1971 Beetle Convertible469-6796d-williams@excite.comDartmouth 
5Levelle Burris1973 Super Beetle Sedan223-3503 Halifax 
6Paul Smith & Terry Logue1969 Beetle Convertible429-6961paul.terrie@ns.sympatico.caHalifax 
7Gil Noble1972 Super Beetle Convertible865-3565 Sackville 
8David GrayPanel Van497-4729 Ketch Harbour 
9Jill & Brent1968 Karman Ghia  
10Joe Campbell1965 Beetle Sedan
1970 Beetle Sedan
865-3318 Beaver Bank 
11Mike Settle1966 Beetle Sedan477-5556settle29vw@yahoo.comHalifaxSettle's Auto Repair
810 Old Sambro Rd
Harrietsfeild N.S.
B3V 1A3
12Barry Dorey1973 Super Beetle Sedan489-7425flake@accesscable.netTantallon 
13Keith Harrington1973 Thing499-2218
14Lia Avalos1968 Beetle Sedan423-1906avalosl@halifax.caHalifax 
15Chris Russell1971 Bus
1964 Beetle Sedan Waterville 
16Adrian Westlake1962 Karman Ghia Sedan463-8078rubina1@ns.sympatico.caEastern Passage 
17Arnold & Helen Slaunwhite1959 Beetle Sedan429-6961 Goodwood 
18Bernie Kulanek1963 Manx Dune buggy
1973 Bus
19John and Leoda Harrison1973 Westfalia
1975 Semi-auto Beetle
864-8202jlharrison@ns.sympatico.caBeaver BankHarrisons Canvas
Crafters & Sewing
20Steve Wamboldt1974 Super Beetle Dartmouth 
21Chris Mcmullin1971 Beetle Sedan542-5489joecool_58@hotmail.comWolfville 
22Robert Gaudet1963 Beetle Sedan825-4066 Middleton 
23Thom & Ann Dillman1970 Karman Ghia384-3395thomasdillman@hotmail.comMiddle Musqudoboit 
24Deanna Cavanaugh1973 Super Beetle Sedan883-0114deannabtu@hotmail.comElmsdale 
25John & Carol Carroll1966 Beetle Sedan883-7198 Elmsdale 
26Kevin McCartney1968 Westfalia
1971 Super Beetle Sedan
861-2299 Wellington 
27Felix Pettigrew1965 Myers Manx832-1674 Hammonds Plains 
28Ernest Myles1956 Beetle Sedan
1971 Beetle Sedan
798-1719 Hansport 
29Graham Hirtle1950 MGT Replica463-7886 Dartmouth 
30Alexander Campbell1971 Beetle Sedan 1300 RHD826-2326evileinstein@hotmail.comTantallon 
31Colin Warman1969 Type II Kombi469-1153wardog280@hotmail.comDartmouth 
32Cathy Martin1967 Beetle Sedan852-3734skankmon@hotmail.comHalifax 
33Lester Hawes1971 Home Made Buggy876-2652 Halifax 
34Glen Zwicker1963 Beetle Sedan456-6689jrtrucking@eastlink.caWilliamswood 
35Richard Irving1973 Super Beetle Sedan489-3774r.irving@ns.sympatico.caHalifax 
36Dave MacKinnon1974 Super Beetle Sedan455-4680
441-4240 Halifax 
37Bob Peebles & Jane Whitman1979 Super Beetle Halifax 
38Joe MacDougall1969 Beetle Sedan    
39Shannon Holleman1957 Beetle Sedan
1961 Double Cab
1970 Karman Ghia
40Ken Asprey1970 Beetle Sedan
1973 Super Beetle
1971 Bradley GT
1971 NSU 1200c
41Darryl Williams1978 Westfalia461-9896dwilliams1@ns.sympatico.caDartmouth 
42Darren & Rhonda Penney1963 Beetle Sedan483-9376 Dartmouth 
43Janice McPhee1974 Westfalia  Milford Sta. 
44Thomas and Linda Moreau1974 Westfalia tom.linda@ns.sympatico.caEastern Passage  
45Josh Naud1971 Westfalia jnaud@ns.sympatico.caEastern Passage  
46Troy Kirkby1962 Double Door Panel Van902-792-1460spitfirearms@beer.comWindsor  

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