10th Annual Show & Shine at Johns Lunch - Sept. 16th, 2014

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come to our Show & Shine!

Thanks to Hillcrest Volkswagen and Steele Volkswagen for the "give-a-way goodies".

These are the lucky members who won the goodies:

Jim Donovan, Ryan Woodsworth, Thom Dillman, Jeff Seaward, Darryl Williams, Vince Smith, Bob Peebles,

Steve Walker, Barry Colson, Steve Mannell, Steve & Darlene Greenough, David Kristof

Joey & Carrie Armsworthy's 1979 Panel Bus Trevor & Christine Hayward's 1978 Westy Thom Dillman's 1973 Westy
Ryan Woodsworth 1978 Westy Darryl Williams' 1978 Westy David Kristof's 1982 Westy
Stephen Greenough 1971 Bus Barry Colson's 1973 Devon Pop-up Jim Donovan's 1972 Squareback
Tony Boyd's 1971 Beetle Gary Feener 1975 Beetle Mike Gooderham's 1971 Thing
Darryl Bardua's 1978 Westy Eddie & Vickie White's 1972 Dormobile Bernie Kulanek's Ghia
Steven Mannell's 1962 Deluxe Ragtop Beetle Wayne King's 1977 Riviera John Smith's 1971 Super Beetle
Tony & Helen Szucs's 1972 Super Beetle Mel McCamon & Steve Walker's 1969 Beetle Jeff Seaward's 1971 Super Beetle
David Gray's 1969 Empi Dune Buggy  Jeff Whitman's 1979 Super Beetle 'Vert Vince Smith's 1970 Beetle
Steve Lavigueur's 1978 Super Beetle 'Vert  Bob Peeble's 1979 Super Beetle 'Vert  

Please email me if your info above is not correct.