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Name Year/Model Phone Email Address Comments
Joey & Carrie Armsworthy1956 Beetle
1965 Beetle
1960 Kombi
1974 Bus/Camper
1979 Panel Van
479-1514vdubjoe@hotmail.comHalifaxJoey's VWs
Jeff & Johna Whitman1979 Super Beetle Convertible477-2380jeffw@intervest.caHerring Cove 
Glen & Jackie Zwicker1957 Beetle456-6689jrtrucking@eastlink.caUpper Tantallon 
Wayne King1977 Riviera Wking@ns.sympatico.caLake Fletcher '77 Riviera
Terry & Carolle Gaudet1955 Beetle
1967 Beetle
1956 Kombi
1973 Thing
and many, many more...
866-4811 Memramcook, N.B.Back in the hobby !!!
Tony Boyd1968 Beetle Convertible
1971 Beetle Sedan
1959 Single Cab
477-2424 Herring Cove 
David GrayPanel Van497-4729 Ketch Harbour 
Darryl Williams1978 Westfalia461-9896dwilliams1@ns.sympatico.caDartmouth 
Chris Russell1971 Bus
1964 Beetle Sedan Waterville 
Bernie Kulanek1963 Manx Dune buggy
Karmann Ghia Halifax 
Thom & Ann Dillman1973 Westfalia384-3395thomasdillman@hotmail.comMiddle Musqudoboit 
Deanna Cavanaugh1973 Super Beetle Sedan
1970 Westfalia
Kevin McCartney1968 Westfalia
1971 Super Beetle Sedan
Felix Pettigrew1965 Myers Manx832-1674 Hammonds Plains 
Ernest Myles
Mark Myles
1956 Beetle Sedan
1970 Semi Auto Beetle
1971 Beetle Sedan
1973 Super Beetle Sedan
1974 Super Beetle Sedan Hansport 
Alexander Campbell1971 Beetle Sedan 1300 RHD826-2326evileinstein@hotmail.comTantallon 
Lester Hawes1971 Home Made Buggy876-2652 Halifax 
Bob Peebles &
Jane Whitman
1979 Super Beetle Convertible455-5533bandj2@gmail.comHalifax 
Shannon Holleman1957 Beetle Sedan
1970 Karmann Ghia
Ken Asprey1970 Beetle Sedan
1973 Super Beetle
1929 MB Gazelle Replica
1971 NSU 1200c
Darren & Rhonda Penney1963 Beetle Sedan483-9376 Dartmouth63 Beetle Restoration
Thomas and Linda Moreau1974 Westfalia tom.linda@ns.sympatico.caEastern Passage  
Scott & Amy DeMone1967 Beetle Lake Fletcher  
Stuart Hawes1973 Super Beetle Sedan772-2015 Spry Harbour  
Barry Colson1973 Camper
with Devon pop-up
Darrell Maldre1970 Beetle Sedan922 2128    
Walter CameronGhia Convertible863 4088 Antigonish  
Reid & Julie Naugle1974 Super Beetle Convertible465 6662jewels75@eastlink.caCole Harbour  
Trevor & Christine Hayward1978 Westy875 4738tmlfan@outlook.comShelburne '78 Westy Restoration
Everette Nauss1969 Beetle Sedan678 6286 New Minas  
Simon Holleman1965 Karmann Ghia sedan538 9922 Waterville  
John Myers1978 Super Beetle Convertible465 2788 Dartmouth  
Ron Van der Linden1978  
Stephen Greenough1958 deluxe Beetle
1972 Super Beetle
1974 Super Beetle
684-3317greenough@win.eastlink.caMount Denson 
Sean Erskine1969 Beetle serskine@ns.sympatico.caHalifax 
Jacquie and Brian Bow1973 Westfalia444-6707jbow@consgeo.comHalifax 
Jim Tracey1971 Super Beetle798-8934jtracey@eastlink.caWindsor 
Hans Beumer1979 Beetle convertible
1986 Mexican Beetle 50th anniversary
829-3875jgfbeumer@gmail.comLake Echo 
Don & Norma Hippern1975 Westy452-4515Don@scotiagolf.caBedford 
Katherine & Dan Mazerolle1972 Beetle Sedan468-4663dan@plansplushomedesign.comDartmouth 
Tony & Helen Szucs1972 Super Beetle Sedan435-7613
Bruce Earle1977 Get-a-way camper  
Garnet Boudreau1960 Beetle Ragtop625 2317garnet.boudreau@ns.sympatico.caPort Hawkesbury 
John and Katie Eaton1978 Westy
1973 Auto Westy Daytripper
1976 Beetle
1965 Dunebuggy
1956 Beetle
423 6528eastwitch3@hotmail.comHalifax 
Dave & MichelleWright1972 Super Beetle864-0618davidwright@eastlink.caLower SackvilleSlowly Restoring To Stock
Jeff Ferguson1979 Queensland 
Fred Barkhouse jr1971 Super Beetle arthurbar@hotmail.comTrenton 
Ron and Sharon Baker1979 Annapolis Co.  
Norm Lessard1978 Super Beetle Convertible "Especial Edition"852-4140ve1qh@rac.caBrooksideRestoration
David Page1970 Karmann Ghia
1975 Beetle
956-1369 vrodautowerks@yahoo.caDensmores MillsV-rod autoWerks
122 Point Road
Densmores Mills, NS
B0N 1J0
Tel: 902-369-2790
Cell: 902-956-1369
Jeff Seaward1971 Super Beetle Sedan826-9339jeff_seaward@maintenancegroup.comStillwater Lake 
John Ernst1971 Beetle435 0015john.ernst@gmail.comEastern Passage 
Louis Hall1973 Westfalia1-506-388-9909optima@nbnet.nb.caRiverview, NBPristine Original Condition
No Restoration
Jason and Ina Senum1979 Transporter/Camper362 2213senum@gmx.deKennetcook 
Dave & Sophie Saulnier1964 Karmann Ghia847-0817 Aylesford 
Steven Mannell & Laureen van Lierop1962 Beetle Deluxe Ragtop423-3955mannell@ns.sympatico.caHalifax 
Bill Davis1969 Beetle Sedan625 3790 Port Hastings 
Scott LaPierre1975 Super Beetle Sedan463 3636wendyandscott@ns.sympatico.caDartmouth 
Joseph Braca1972 Beetle Sedan Bedford 
Robert and Karen Putnam1975 Westfalia Deluxe
1969 Baja Beetle
Brian Everett1964 Beetle briangtiguy@gmail.comHalifax 
Mike Stone1968 Karmann Ghia Sedan821-2259fat_mike377@msn.comSeabright 
Shane Wilson1978 Super Beetle Convertible272-2054sangstsm@yahoo.comNew Glasgow 
Donna and Pierre St-Onge1967 Karmann Ghia Convertible477 8704Pierrestonge30@gmail.comPurcells Cove 
Dave and Kelly Donaldson1979 Westfalia donaldsonvw2@hotmail.comElmsdalelooking for a Ghia project.
Mike Godding and Naomi Sanderson1954 European Deluxe Beetle
1954 Deluxe Beetle
vw54beetle@gmail.comHere, there & everywhereMy '54 Bug from Start To Finish
Sean Basquill1975 "La Grande Bug" Sean.Basquill@gmail.comWoodville 
Norma Russell1970 Karmann Ghia briar2@eastlink.caMiddle Sackville 
Tim Baker72 Super Beetle475-1276vwtim1@hotmail.comWilliamwsoodWork in progress
Clayton Saulnier1971 bus902-769-3446claytsoffroad@eastlink.caClare 
Mark and Trina Grant-Adam1981 Vanagon Westfalia697-2001 Wolfville 
Doug Renken1971 Westfalia252-6013djrenken@eastlink.caMiddle Sackville 
Shahab Rowshan1975 Super Beetle477-3442tambu@ns.sympatico.caHalifax 
Dan Goulden1966 Beetle488-9172
Gary Campbell1972 Westfalia475-3529garycampbell250@hotmail.comHalifax 
Tyler Ernst1963 Baja Bug
1974 Beetle
527-0665BLKSHEEP_13@msn.comWhynott's Settlement 
Brent O'Connor 1973 Beetle oconnor.brent@gmail.comKentville  
John & Delores Huntley1967 Beetle Sedan
1969 Beetle Sedan
1971 Beetle Convertible
1974 Beetle Sedan
Chad Topiwala1962 Beetle Ragtop 433-1366cctopiwala@ns.sympatico.caDartmouth 
Ken Burke1974 Beetle543 7769dburke@eastlink.caBridgewater 
Pascal Guimont1971 Super Beetle864-9430 pccf@eastlink.caBeaver Bank 
Derek Lewis1968 Beetle  
Gary Feener1975 Beetle
1979 Westy Automatic
Jeff Benson1965 Dune Buggy  jeffbenson23@gmail.comSaint John, N.B. 
Darrell J Bardua1978 Westfalia488-9046Darrell.Bardua@emci.caCow Bay 
Vince Smith1970 Standard Beetle vincesmithmail@gmail.comDartmouth 
Greg and Sherry Penny1974 Super Beetle gregpenny206@gmail.comNorth River, N.S. 
Adrian Mascarenhas1976 Beetle adrian.mascarenhas@gmail.comFall River 
Al DeWitt1959 Beetle Al.Dewitt@nbcc.caMoncton, N.B. 
Eddie & Vicky White1972 Dormobile  
Michael Gooderham1971 Thing  
Dave McCluskey1970 Hardtop Westphalia thumpa500@yahoo.caHalifax 
Ryan Woodsworth1978 Westfalia685-3828ryanwoodsworth@gmail.comChelsea 
Taylor Mailman1972 Baja champion SE Beetle whitejawz1@gmail.comBridgewater 
Steve Lavigueur1978 Super Beetle Vert stevenlavigueur@gmail.comGrand Lake 
Peter Coutts & Heather McAndrew1978 Westy Peter.Coutts@Dal.CaHalifax 
David Kristof1982 Westy davkristof@gmail.comHalifax 
Jim Donavan1972 Squareback  
Steve Walker1969 Beetle melmccamon@hotmail.comEastern Passage 
Dave and Maggie Beaudry1976 Westy506-446-4633davebeaudry88@gmail.comOromocto, NB  
Tyson Traynor1979 Westphalia ricecompass@hotmail.comHalifax 
Charles Nussey1975 Super Beetle902-266-7050cwnussey@eastlink.caGaetz Brook; 
Brad & Louise Bradbury1975 Westy brad@canadiansailmakers.comDartmouth 
Ron Low1971 Westfalia ron.james1234@hotmail.caElmsdale 
Don Crowell1971 Westfalia dc@ns.sympatico.caDartmouth 
Kevin Stephens and Anne Ogilvie1970 Standard Beetle902-435-1319kstephens57@hotmail.comCole harbour 
Robert & Ruth Fahie1974 Beetle  
Kevin Bezanson1956 Single Cab
1956 Bus
  St. Margarets Bay 
Simon and Emily1978 Westphalia  
Amanda Rae Woodcock and John Wesley Chisholm1971 Type III Squareback
1978 Westfalia Automatic
Donnie and Alicia Lushington1975 Westfalia
1978 Westfalia
902 384 2040 donnie.l@ns.sympatico.caMeaghers Grant 

Number of members: 111

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