Sept. 27th, 2007
John & Katie Eaton, Scott DeMone, Joey & Carrie Armsworthy, Tony & Helen Szucs,
Bruce Earle & wife, John Proude, Wayne King, Hans Beumer, Cory Rafuse and Jeff Ferguson
showed up despite the drizzly weather... we're NOT afraid of a little bit of rain!
See you all next year.
Aug. 30th 2007
THANKS to everyone who joined us.
July 26th 2007
The 30+ degree temps must have kept some from showing up.
THANKS to everyone who joined us.
June 28th 2007
THANKS to everyone who joined us.
Pictures taken by Darryl Williams.
First monthly meet for 2007 - May 31st 2007
Wow! our first monthly meet turned into a mini show & shine ...fourteen air-cooled VWs.
THANKS to everyone who joined us.
John Proude's '71 Beetle
Graham McGillivray's '78 Westy, Darryl Williams' '77 Westy & Glen Zwicker's '71 Westy
Jeff & Johna Whitman's '79 SB vert, Joey & Carrie Armsworthy's '56 Beetle, Wayne King's '74 Thing,
Stephen Greenough's '58 Beetle, Glen Zwicker's '67 Beetle, Don & Norma Hippern's '71 Super Beetle...
...Bob Peebles & Jane Whitman's '79 SB vert and Tony Boyd's '71 Beetle's 8:00, do you know where your kids are???
Reid & Julie Naugle's '74 SB vert
Cory Rafuse's '69 Westy