- About Us and the Club -

The aim of the Vintage V-dubbers club is to provide a social network for air-cooled Volkswagen drivers and owners so that members can enjoy the company of other enthusiasts, learn more about their cars, and encourage each other to cherish and preserve these unique vehicles.

Jeff Whitman & I (Joey Armsworthy) started the club after meeting at an antique car show in June of 2005. We knew there were several air-cooled VWs in the Halifax and surrounding areas and felt the need to somehow bring them all together. So, we put up a few posters here and there and put a club card on every air-cooled VW we found. We were shocked when 29 VWs from all over Nova Scotia showed up for our first Show & Shine at John's Lunch in Dartmouth in September of 2005. We now have over 100 members who collectively own well over 100 air-cooled VW's. We like to think of the club as more of an 'Un-club'. There is no club president, no membership fee and no commitment.